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Rotary Screws in Ipswich, Massachusetts


About Us
Find energy-efficient rotary screw air compressors in Ipswich, Massachusetts, at MAC-AIR. We can provide a complete air system requiring compressors, compressed air dryers, inline filtration systems, oil water separation, and air storage. MAC-AIR is the distributor for energy-efficient BOGE rotary screw and piston compressors, along with Jenny and Saylor-Beall piston compressors.
From air compressors to vacuum pumps, dry air systems, we have a large inventory and extensive knowledge of many brands and models.

Energy-Efficient Oil Screws
We are a full-service and sales-certified distributor for BOGE® air compressors. These continuous sweep, low-resistant rotary screws are energy efficient with little pulsation or surging of flow. Typically used to supply compressed air for general industrial applications, we offer oil-fluttered and oil-free models with various speeds from 4 to 340 horsepower.

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